About Ficanex

History of Ficanex Group


In 1983, Pacific Network Services owned the exclusive rights to license THE EXCHANGE® trademark to any financial institution whose head office was located in the four western provinces of Canada. In that year, a number of B.C credit unions decided to introduce THE EXCHANGE Network into Canada. This was a revolutionary move as the transactions processed in 1983 are believed to have been the first international inter-institutional debit ATM transactions.


In 2000, a collaborative group of credit unions and banks formed Ficanex® Services Limited Partnership, allowing THE EXCHANGE Network brand to be secured within Canada. Ficanex Service’s goal was to increase scale and distribution to the benefit of existing and new network users.


In 2009, Ficanex Group successfully implemented a proprietary AID (application identifier), positioning the network for any future industry changes.


Ficanex Group added 830 surcharge-free ATMs to select Mac’s, Couche-Tard, and Circle K locations across Canada. These cash dispensing ATMs gave EXCHANGE cardholders expanded access to cash at these major brand stores and increased national distribution by over 30%.


In 2016, Ficanex Group developed a solution that brought surcharge free PIN change, cash advance and balance inquiry transactions for credit cardholders on the network. This allowed for member credit unions and banks to deliver the same service and convenience for their credit card holders as they do for their debit card holders.


Ficanex Group has grown THE EXCHANGE Network from a B.C. regional-based network to a network of over 3,300 ATMs that includes every province and territory in Canada.

Today, with over 170 financial institution participants, serving over 5.5 million Canadian cardholders, the network continues its collaborative approach to meet the financial and service goals of it’s limited partners and members.

What we do

Ficanex Group provides effective and intelligent financial services solutions to our member credit unions and banks. As an organization, our fundamental goal is to operate in a way that facilitates collaboration and allows for all member credit unions and banks to deliver superior service to their cardholders.

License Agreement

Fiserv EFT is the owner of THE EXCHANGE® trade mark and its associated rights. Fiserv EFT has granted FICANEX® Services Limited Partnership the exclusive right to use, market and sublicense THE EXCHANGE trade mark and the intellectual property rights associated with the operation of THE EXCHANGE Network throughout Canada. FICANEX Services is a limited partnership formed under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. FICANEX Services manages THE EXCHANGE Network by licensing entitlement to use the intellectual property associated with the Network.