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Current Issue: January 2011


Envelope Features Benefits
Nationally recognized brand and mark Customer recognition and confidence in brand
Self-Seal Bermuda flap envelope Convenient for cardholder & saves time
Holes punched out of envelopes Discourages empty envelope deposits
Clear text indicating Canadian Deposits only Saves time and effort caused by having to return unacceptable items
Text printed in English and French Meets national bilingual requirement
Eco-friendly Manufactured from well-managed forests and other controlled sources
Industry standard envelope size and text placement Available for use with industry standard ATMs

For full details on how your financial institution can take advantage of this offering or for an envelope sample, contact

Tracy Duncan 604-455-0793 |



THE EXCHANGE® iPhone & Android ATM Locator Apps are available. They’re free to download! Share this great news with your cardholders. The App for BlackBerry is coming soon!

Quick Stats:
The iPhone App was downloaded 107 times between November 14th and December 12th for a total of 426 downloads since the September 28th launch.

Would your Financial Institution like to be able to offer your own branded version of any of our mobile locators at a significant cost savings from building this app on your own?
If the answer is yes, get full details in

Information Circular 2010-026 or contact Tracy Duncan 604-455-0793 |


The news of our innovative and exciting ATM Partner Program was recently announced and met with a great deal of enthusiasm from our members. Ficanex has partnered with Threshold Financial Technologies to offer all members an opportunity to add to our network through the addition of off-premise ATMs co-branded with the Financial Institution and THE EXCHANGE® network. Members will identify suitable locations for the ATMs and, upon acceptance, Threshold will provide everything else – installation, management services and vault cash. A small lease cost plus surcharges collected on transactions completed on networks other than THE EXCHANGE® network will fund the program.

“This is a unique opportunity for Members to increase their profile in the communities they do business while at the same time supporting THE EXCHANGE® network to become a stronger and more prominent surcharge-free network – a benefit to both members and their cardholders”, said Linda Matheson, Network General Manager. ‘It is an expansion program for the network we are very excited about.”

A pilot program with North Shore Credit Union will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2011 and Member Kits with all the details will be distributed to members shortly after that. Stand back – your ATM network is about to become bigger and better than ever!


Watch your mailbox around mid-February for our annual Call for Nominations. In 2011 there will be two director positions available to be filled, both three year terms. We welcome nominations from all regions of the country, from any size financial institution, both banks and credit unions. This is your opportunity to help shape the strategic direction of your ATM network. We look forward to hearing from you.


Each year FICANEX Services makes corporate donations to charitable organizations across the country in the communities where our Members do business. In 2010 we were pleased to support the following organizations:

Zebra Child Protection (Alberta) Northern BC Friends of Children Society (BC)
Hospice Fredericton (New Brunswick) Kids Eat Smart Foundation (Newfoundland)
Horizons for Youth (Ontario) Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis (Ontario)
Langley Hospice Society (BC) Langley Food Bank (BC)
Supportive Housing for Young Mothers (Nova Scotia) Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown (PEI)


Your opinions matter to us and as such, we will once again be conducting a member survey in early 2011.
As a third-party research supplier, Angus Reid Public Opinion regularly conducts this type of research with member and stakeholder groups and Ficanex has engaged Angus Reid to conduct this survey once again. We appreciate your time and effort in completing the online survey to better assist us in understanding the needs and issues facing members of the network so that we can continue to provide high-quality service.


In 2010, over $197,000 was returned to our member Financial Institutions that participate in the United States POS network ACCEL®. With record transactions due to favourable exchanges rates, shopping in the US is gaining in popularity and every time your cardholder performs a transaction on the ACCEL® network you get $0.20. That adds up … to over $197,000 credited back to our Members. Shopping in the US is popular and profitable!