Member Newsletters

Current Issue: August 2011


At FICANEX Services we understand that two of the key factors for Canadians choosing or remaining with a Financial Institution are ATM accessibility and having access to their accounts surcharge free. We cover both of those points by providing the largest full-function ATM network in Canada and our aim is to assist our Members with their growth and retention efforts.

Starting with this newsletter we have added a section to “Spotlight” Member success stories as you offer and promote THE EXCHANGE® network. We kick off this article with a note from Sonia, a member of The Police Credit Union in Ontario for nearly 20 years:

“I find the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The branch is in the building where I work in Toronto. They have a great REWARDS program and you can bank online if you want to. You can use other ATMs wherever you go with THE EXCHANGE® Network. I often go to Burlington and there are a lot of ATMs to choose from there. When people ask me why I’m a member I tell them I really believe in the Credit Union.”

A BIG thanks goes out to The Police Credit Union for sharing their story of what THE EXCHANGE® network means to one of their cardholders. We would like to share your Members’ success stories in our next newsletter’s “Spotlight” area so please pass on any stories you have to Michael Barr


This year our highly anticipated Go Hog Wild Employee Contest ran from June 6 through June 26 and the entries poured in. Over the three weeks of the contest we received more than 3,600 entries, from which three winners were selected each week by random draw.

The annual contest is designed to help you become more familiar with THE EXCHANGE® and ACCEL® networks and our website – . Although it’s perfect for new employees, it is also a great tool to refresh your knowledge and there were many of you who commented that you picked up new and useful information.


Congratulations to the following lucky winners:

Week 1 – $200 cash prize
Paige Harris – Kawartha Credit Union
Karlie Gulley – FirstOntario Credit Union
Ellen Muirhead – City Savings & Credit Union

Week 2 – $300 cash prize
Kim Parsons – OMISTA Credit Union
Kasia Kabat – Canadian Western Bank
Tina Roberts – Dominion Credit Union

Week 3 – $500 cash prize
Kimberley Humphreys – Valley First Credit Union
Corinne Arsenault – Evangeline Credit union
Syed Hassan – Kingston Community Credit

Thank you to all those who participated. We look forward to running the contest again in 2012.


For this years’ Director Recommendation Process we were extremely pleased to have nine individuals put their names forward for two available positions. “Every candidate was highly desirable and would have added further depth and diversification to the Board that we have been seeking.“ said Fred Cook Chair of the Board. ”We are delighted to welcome back Jeremy Trigg from Vancity Savings Credit Union for a new three year term. We also welcome a new director, Eric Pacquet from National Bank of Canada, for a three year term”.

The rest of the Board is made up of Rick Kelln, HSBC Bank Canada, Chris Goodman, G & F Financial Group, Darrell Jaggers, Island Savings Credit Union, Denis Laframboise, Your Credit Union and Fred Cook, North Shore Credit Union.
Ficanex would like to thank all of the individuals who put forward their names and encourage all interested parties to look for next year’s opportunities.


At the June Board meeting the Ficanex Board of Directors developed the following new Mission Statement:
THE EXCHANGE® Network is the ATM network of choice.  We create long term value to our Members (and their customers) by leveraging the ATM network through the expansion of innovative, competitive, superior shared products and services.
“It is our intention to continue to look for products and services that will complement our ATM network such as the smartphone ATM locator apps that are now available” said Linda Matheson, Network General Manager.  “Similarly, we will look for key partnerships that will benefit all Members of THE EXCHANGE® network such as the ATM Partner Program.”


By the end of August PIN change will be available on all Exchange ATMs. The last ATMs are currently being upgraded with new load-sets and are anticipated to be complete by the end of August. This is great news for all your cardholders who will now be able to perform a PIN change at any Exchange ATM anywhere in Canada.


Conferences and Trade Shows are an important part of our Members’ networking and educational activities. If it’s important to you, then it is important to us. Members of the FICANEX Services team will be attending the following events. If you are in attendance, drop by our booth as it would be great to see you, discuss current activities and answer any questions you may have. And maybe you just might win a prize!

September 25th-27th, 2011:
League Data/CUSA Conference, Halifax

November 2nd-3rd, 2011:
Central 1 Credit Union’s 2011 Fall Conference & Trade Show, Toronto


In our annual survey and in working one on one with our Members we have heard that communication is key to a successful partnership. That said, on July 21st we kicked off our first of what will be ongoing Member Webinars aimed to inform, educate and communicate to keep you informed of exciting new services to better assist you with strategies and challenges. The topic of the first webinar was our ATM Partner Program, an exciting initiative to grow both our Members’ and THE EXCHANGE® network brands in all areas of the country. We had tremendous attendance and, with technology, you never have to worry about “standing room only”!

If you have an idea for a webinar that you would like us to organize, whether it be related to our services, policies or procedures, please send it to Michael Barr, and we will do our best to coordinate.


You’ve worked hard at reinforcing your Financial Institution’s brand within your member/customer base and community and in keeping your organization top of mind. A customized smartphone ATM Locator App will further support this. By customizing THE EXCHANGE® Network’s generic ATM Locator App your member/customer simply searches for your financial institution’s name and instantly downloads the application, free of charge. Your customized application will reinforce your brand each time your member uses their smartphone and will remind them that they have access, surcharge free, to over 2,300 ATMs coast to coast!

Many participants have completed or are in the process of completing customization, which takes only weeks to complete and requires only minimal effort by the Financial Institution. For further details, including the customization fee, please contact Michael Barr, or Linda Matheson


At FICANEX Services we clearly understand that your support and commitment to the only surcharge free inter-institutional, full-function ATM network in Canada is key to network growth. We will, therefore, be sending out regular communications regarding Member renewals and new Members joining the network. Stay tuned as we will shortly be communicating the latest renewed partnerships. Together we will support our fellow Canadians’ demands for ATM convenience, surcharge free!

Join the evolution of a revolution, say “NO” to surcharging!