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Current Issue: July 2014


June 2014 marks our 6 month milestone so we would like to share the impressive transaction results THE EXCHANGE® Network has had in both Canada and in the U.S. Year to date Exchange cardholders performed over 5.1 million transactions at Canadian Exchange ATMs. And that’s not all; by performing an Exchange transaction versus an Interac transaction our Financial Institution Participants saved approximately $1.2 million in interchange fee expense.

South of the border was just as successful. The Accel™ POS network, which provides your cardholders with over 3 million merchant terminals, allowed cardholders to perform over 942,000 transactions year to date. With revenue of approximately $0.30 per transaction, the total paid back to our Accel™ POS Participants, over the past 6 months, was approximately $282,000! And while in the U.S. your cardholders also performed 301,230 Accel™ ATM transactions.


As June came to a close so did our Annual Employee Contest. Over 3,800 employees entered our 3 week contest that ran from June 2nd to June 22nd. The lucky winners won a combined total of $3,000. Thanks to everyone that entered coast to coast! This contest is just one of the ways to educate and excite both seasoned and new employees within your organization about our unique, surcharge-free network.

Week 1 – $200 cash prize
Marla Costa, Canadian Western Bank, MB
Beth Fowler, Fort Erie Community Credit Union, ON
Daniel Suk, Greater Vancouver Community Credit Union, BC

Week 2 – $300 cash prize
Denise Menzies, Aldergrove Credit Union, BC
Jill McBane, Frontline Credit Union, ON
Glenis Burns, Coastal Community Credit Union, BC

Week 3 – $500 cash prize
Stacey Kooy, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, ON
Sandra Poznikoff, Grand Forks Credit Union, BC
Georgina Coish, Newfoundland & Labrador Credit Union, NL


This past January we unveiled our new We’re On Your Way™ National Marketing Campaign. In just 6 short months we have been heard on radio stations from coast to coast and we have been seen by commuters using Toronto’s Go Train and Vancouver’s SkyTrain. All posters created for the trains have QR (Quick Response) codes so smart phone users can easily scan to download our free ATM Locator Apps. Since January our App downloads has increased by 19% bringing total downloads to date to 40,944. Now that’s superior cardholder service!

Make sure to take advantage of the free campaign material that includes:

  • Campaign posters in an array of visuals. All are in print and digital
    format that come in various sizes to suit your needs
  • Radio jingles that can be used on your telephone systems or
    local radio advertising
  • eStatement advertising visuals
  • Website advertising visuals
  • Take One Stands and Flyers – Flyers can also be used for
    onboarding purposes

By participating in the campaign you reinforce to your cardholders that no matter where life takes them a surcharge-free ATM is always ON THEIR WAY! The campaign material is located in the FI area of our website under the document category We’re On Your Way™ Campaign.

Don’t forget to order or replenish the FREE take one
stands and flyers
 by contacting Nicole Cappon at


In May of this year Michael Barr from the FICANEX Services team attended CGI’s Synergy Summit Client Conference where he was able to meet with Exchange Network Participants from Atlantic Canada, Ontario and
British Columbia.

This year’s Ontario Credit Union Managers Association (CUMA) Conference is being held in Blue Mountain, Ontario from September 21st -23rd. FICANEX Services Board and Management will be attending the Monday night banquet and look forward to meeting with all Exchange Participants in attendance.

 FICANEX Services attendees include:
Chris Goodman, Chair
(G&F Financial Group)
Fred Cook, (BlueShore Financial)
Darrell Jaggers,
(First West Credit Union)
Steve Richards,
(Teachers Plus Credit Union)
Rick Kelln,
(HSBC Bank of Canada)
Mohamed Ladak, (Vancity)
Rob Paterson,
(Alterna Savings Credit Union/Bank)
Linda Matheson,
Network General Manager
Michael Barr,
Strategic Relationship Executive


In this issue of our Member Newsletter we put the “spotlight” on the top 3 ATM acquiring Financial Institutions. Thanks in part to National Bank, HSBC and Vancity all Canadian Exchange cardholders have access to the largest inter-institution, full function, surcharge-free ATM network in Canada that is larger than ScotiaBank and Bank of Montreal. The combined ATMs of all Exchange network Participants give cardholders convenient access to more than 2,500 surcharge-free ATMs, saving Canadian cardholders millions of dollars each year in needless surcharges.

Quick Facts – National Bank, HSBC and Vancity have:

  • A combined total of 1,228 surcharge-free ATMs on our network representing 48% of our surcharge-free ATMs
  • Processed over 3.6 million transactions by other Exchange cardholders
    representing 34% of total transactions in 2013
  • National Bank processes more deposits for other FIs than any other FI on the network.


We would like to thank National Bank, HSBC and Vancity and all Exchange ATM Acquiring Financial Institution Participants. This is truly coast to coast collaboration at its best!

Annual Member Survey

It is very important to FICANEX Services to get anonymous feedback from our Financial Institutions so that we know what we are doing right and where we can improve. 2014 marked the 5th consecutive year for our Member survey and we are once again delighted with the results.

Here are a few of the highlights of the 2014 survey: 96% of respondents are satisfied with the service they receive from THE EXCHANGE® Network; 94% of respondents are satisfied with the management of THE EXCHANGE® Network; and 77% are satisfied with the governance of THE EXCHANGE® Network.

The aspects of FICANEX’s services that respondents are most satisfied with include the amount of information sent to them (94% are satisfied), the quality of information sent to them (94%), that issues/problems are addressed immediately (94%).

The types of communication from FICANEX that respondents are most satisfied with include e-mail newsletters (83%), personalized e-mail communication (75%), the annual report (60%), and the webinars (60%).

96% of respondents feel that the information and communications they receive from FICANEX are relevant to the needs of their financial institution.

96% of respondents are satisfied, either very (79%) or moderately (17%), with the service they receive from THE EXCHANGE® Network.

88% of respondents are satisfied that FICANEX is responsive to the views of its members, and are also satisfied that FICANEX treats all members of the Network equally.

As with 2013 and 2012, 100% of respondents believe THE EXCHANGE® Network is deserving of the loyalty of their financial institution into the future, with 79 per cent of respondents believing THE EXCHANGE® Network is strongly deserving, the highest percentage of all five years.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey each year. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to always provide superior service and the best ATM network in Canada!


Earlier this year we let you know that Tangerine Bank would be leaving THE EXCHANGE® Network. Tangerine Bank’s decision was a result of their purchase by ScotiaBank. While ScotiaBank’s ATM network is slightly smaller than that of THE EXCHANGE® Network, they do have a presence in every Province which remains important to Tangerine Bank. While we will lose 24 ATMs when Tangerine Bank departs on September 30th we are confident that new relationships and additions from our existing Members will soon replace what we are losing as we continue to build a strong ATM network for you and your cardholders.